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LTCP, Philippines
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Land Registration Authority (LRA) the project sponsor is an agency of the
Philippines Government responsible for :
  • Issuing decrees of registration, certificates of title and register documents
  • Patents and other land transaction for the benefit of landowners

Land Registration Systems (LARES) – www.laresinc.com, a joint venture company of IL&FS Technologies Ltd, established in the Philippines, was awarded the concession by the Land Registration Authority, Government of Philippines, to execute the concession.

LRA and LARES have entered into a contract for the computerization of LRA under a BOO arrangement. The contract involves the comprehensive modernization of the operations of the LRA and the computerization of its major business processes.

The Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP) covers the development of a System Integrated Information Technology Solution Infrastructure that interconnects LRA's Registries of Deeds (RDs) nationwide, enable on-line transaction processing, and integrate its critical business processes.

Project objectives were defined to ensure
  • Secure Land Titles and Documents
  • Detect Fake Titles & Prevent Issuance of Duplicate, Fraudulent Titles
  • Standardize and Streamline Registration Process
  • Provide Anytime, Anywhere Query on Land Records
Solution Highlights
  • Project under Build-Own-Operate (BOO) Scheme
  • 3 years build (with partial operations)
  • 10 years full operations, renewable every 10 years thereafter, until a maximum of 50 years
  • Automated system to manage processes & functions of LRA
  • PHILARIS Sub Systems
Customer Benefits

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